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After you have been evaluated based on previous drinking records, drinking patterns, and psychological factors, our staff can enroll you in the necessary recommended treatment program
at DACC.

If you were court ordered to complete your Evaluation at another facility, you can choose to complete your treatment hours at a facility of your choice that is state licensed by DASA.

Level I - Minimal Risk/Risk Education     10 Hours

Minimal Risk consists of 10 hours of education on the effects and consequences of alcohol
and illegal substances, BAC, and the laws pertaining to DUI. The 10 hours can be completed in 
1 week.

Level II - Moderate Risk          12 Hours

Moderate Risk is the completion of 12 early intervention treatment hours plus the 10 hour Risk Education program. The 12 hours can be completed in 2 weeks.

Level II - Significant Risk          20 Hours

Significant Risk is the completion of 20 Out-Patient substance abuse treatment hours plus the 10 hour Risk Education program. The 20 hours can be completed in 3 weeks.

Level III - High Risk                  75 Hours

Individuals meeting criteria for High Risk are required to complete a minimum of 75 hours of Intensive Out-Patient substance abuse treatment followed by an aftercare plan. This comprehensive treatment program identifies and treats the behavior and symptoms of chemical dependency. The 75 hours can be completed in 8 weeks.

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