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Who is Early Intervention for?

Individuals who are at risk for developing substance-related disorders or whose problems appear to be related to substance use, but do not meet criteria for dependency. For parents, family members, or friends who are concerned about their loved one's use of drugs/alcohol.

Our Early Intervention program is a four-week program that meets one (1) time per week. Our program includes:

  • The disease concept - use, abuse, and addiction
  • Signs, symptoms, and consequences
  • The straight facts - fallacies and truths about the effects of other drugs/alcohol
  • Addictive Family
  • Coping Skills
  • Goals

Positive growth, self-help, and self-improvement is about wanting change. DACC develops with each individual behavioral changes, disease concepts/health, trust/interpersonal relationships, life management, coping skills/relapse prevention, spirituality.

Along with positive growth, DACC works with the personal development of each individual. This can be viewed as a reconstruction of the self. Increasing self-esteem, reduce negative thought patterns and giving praise, inspiration, and drive which are the cornerstones to changing the behaviors.

We explore and address problems or risk factors that appear to be related to use along with assist individuals in recognizing harmful consequences of inappropriate substance use.

Ideal for:

  • Jr High*, High School, and College Students along with their families.
  • Individuals with a family history of addiction
  • Concerned about his/her own drinking or using
  • Friends or family members of someone who is in treatment
  • Friends or family members who might need treatment
  • Individuals experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol.