What is an Intensive Out-Patient Program (IOP)?

Intensive Out-Patient is a chemical dependency treatment program that allows individuals to remain integrated in their day to day lives while they continue to work and maintain their daily responsibilities. Our IOP is an eight (8) week program that meets three (3) times a week. The program may include:

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling

Network Therapy

Relapse Prevention
Employee Assistance Program
Linkages to healthcare providers and mental health professionals

Individualized treatment plans are developed by a team of professionals including addiction counselors, doctors, and other mental health professionals.

DACC provides continuing care for up to a year after entering the program. We will monitor and provide immediate intervention should relapse occur.

Family members are encouraged to take part in the recovery process.

Insurance is accepted on a reimbursement basis and when enrollment into the program is not court mandated.